Azure Service Bus with PowerShell

Once in a while you encounter a service you’d like to integrate with where there is no API, or official PowerShell module that suits your purpose. This happened to me recently, so let’s take a look at how Azure Service Bus can help us, and how to integrated with it using PowerShell.

PowerShell, Azure, RSS and Company IPOs

Are you curious about what US companies filed for an IPO on the stock market recently? Let’s automate an email report using Azure Functions, Logic Apps, an RSS feed and of course PowerShell.

Exploring Group-Object in PowerShell

No more nested loops to create different arrays based on whether users have a certain property or not. Learn to use Group-Object and experience a whole new level of data structuring.

PowerShell Classes and Enums

Classes are an often overlooked tool in PowerShell, familiar for programmers but sometimes foreign and confusing for those new to the world of PowerShell. There are often alternatives to writing classes but there are also situations where it shines. In this post we’ll go through how to create one so that you can learn some of the strengths!

Creating a Private PSRepository in Azure

In the Azure DevOps suite there is a service called Artifacts which lets us create our own package feeds with granular access control. We can publish our own modules and scripts to share with others, all using PowerShell.

Microsoft Graph API with PowerShell

More than once I’ve been in a situation where I’m writing an Azure Function app and I’m interested in data from other parts of Azure, such as Azure AD. Sometimes the Az modules aren’t enough, so how can we get more data?

PowerShell Collections: ArrayList

“I wanted to create a list of objects in PowerShell and it turned out a list is called an array, then what is this arraylist thing?”

PowerShell Collections: Array

PowerShell creates arrays for us when we get several results back from a command, but what are our options when explicitly wanting to declare an array, and how do we work with them?

Web Scraping with PowerShell

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you would like to index a lot of pages on a webpage or get the data straight from the HTML because the site doesn’t have an API, PowerShell could have been of help. If you haven’t been in the situation yet, check out these simple tricks you can use to gather raw data straight from the web!

Printing Documents using PowerShell

How does one go about printing a ton of documents based on data from a source such as a database, REST API or user input? Let’s take a look at how to print documents and graphics using PowerShell!

Azure Functions with PowerShell

We’ll go through how to create a simple PowerShell Azure Function that calls an API with the key stored in an Azure Key Vault, and then how to call it from somewhere else!

Azure Table Storage with PowerShell

Azure Table is a fantastic way to store output information from scripts in PowerShell. In this post we’ll go through what steps you take when you need to quickly store structured information in the cloud and how to work with it using a SAS token!

Building PowerShell Modules in Azure

Last time we took a look at the Plaster scaffolding tool to let us have a different mindset when thinking about how to create a module in PowerShell. Today we’ll be taking it to the cloud using Azure pipelines to automate the building process!

Building PowerShell Modules with Plaster

You’ve heard of them, you’ve seen them, maybe you’ve created some before! Modules in PowerShell are created and used in different ways. In the first part we’ll take a look at creating a module using Plaster and gyPSum and in the second part we’ll do it again but using Azure DevOps pipelines to automate it!

Numeral Systems in PowerShell

Sometimes you need to work with number systems other than our good old decimal base 10. There are various ways to do this depending on what your goal is and in this post I will list a few easy ways and some more ambitious ones.

Serverless Blogging using Hugo in Azure

I always wanted a website to manage on my own, so with some inspiration and interest in trying out something completely out of my comfort zone I re-created my blog using Hugo, Azure and GitHub, with a custom domain name!

Choosing Lunch through PowerShell

In the start of the past summer, a coworker and I were discussing our lunch plans for the day, not quite able to decide what to go for. I jokingly said that I should just write a PowerShell script to decide for us, an idea that I took to the next level.