Durable Azure Functions with PowerShell

Building Durable Azure Functions allows us to orchestrate workflows using only code in a reliable way that previously was only available in other services such as Logic Apps. Let’s take a look at how they work, and when they best fit our needs.

Exploring Azure Logic Apps (Preview)

Microsoft Ignite 2020 is currently on it’s first day and Logic Apps just got a new version in Public Preview that shares the runtime with Azure Functions, letting you run them anywhere, and there’s a new VS Code extension that lets you debug them locally. I just had to dive in and have a look!

Azure Service Bus with PowerShell

Once in a while you encounter a service you’d like to integrate with where there is no API, or official PowerShell module that suits your purpose. This happened to me recently, so let’s take a look at how Azure Service Bus can help us, and how to integrate with it using PowerShell.

Azure Table Storage with PowerShell

Azure Table is a fantastic way to store output information from scripts in PowerShell. In this post we’ll go through what steps you take when you need to quickly store structured information in the cloud and how to work with it using a SAS token!

Serverless Blogging using Hugo in Azure

I always wanted a website to manage on my own, so with some inspiration and interest in trying out something completely out of my comfort zone I re-created my blog using Hugo, Azure and GitHub, with a custom domain name!